Carpet Cleaning

 In today's world, the health and look of your carpet is vital for better living. Keeping your carpet and floors clean by vacuuming often to pick up that unwanted dirt is a good preventative method to keep dirt from building up. While these days there are numerous carpet cleaners and vacuums that do a good job, there is no lack of professionals that can help too. For healthier living for you and your family, routine carpet cleaning is a vital part of life and a better looking home.

How often should I vacuum?

Set a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Don't wait until your carpet looks dirty to vacuum. Dust and dirt pile between the fibers. Leaving dirt too long will actually make it harder to clean.

Heavy traffic areas should be cleaned once or twice a week. However, you can wait longer in between vacuums for rooms that don't get used as often. Rooms such as guestrooms or formal dining rooms don't need vacuumed as frequently. Don't forget to take your time when you vacuum! Vacuuming too quickly can leave behind dirt and dust. Slowing down can leave you with a better clean.

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