Leather Cleaning

When treated in the correct way, Leather is very durable. Leather is the strongest natural material used for upholstery, so it's worth the extra cost to hire a professional leather cleaning company.

However, leather does need protection for external aggressive factors, such as perspiration and hair gels. Leather is very resistant to scratching and tearing, however it is susceptible to damage from the claws of cats and dogs. Leather is more resistant to animals than fabrics, as leather does not absorb animal smells and cannot be penetrated by animal hair.

It is easy to take care of Leather when you respect the following rules:
  • Dust once a week
  • Clean using a leather cleaner 2-4 times a year
  • Condition and re-protect at the same time with a protection cream

How Often Should I Clean Leather Furniture?

How often you clean your leather depends on how often you use the furniture. Once every two to four weeks is a good guide. The timeframe depends on how regularly you use. Conditioning should be done annually to protect the leather against tears, stains, and damage. Too much conditioning can actually make your furniture gummy and grimy.

Leather Couch Cleaning

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