Benefits of Carpet Grooming

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Carpet grooming is just as important to cleaning and extending the life of fabric floor covering as vacuuming and shampooing. A groom is a brush, comb or rake with a long handle and is effective for separating and lifting the fibers to create a smooth uniform surface. Many professional cleaners groom before and after shampooing the rug to loosen debris and enhance the appearance.
Benefits of Carpet Grooming Carpet Cleaning Jamestown Chautauqua Warren @GateswayClean #cleaningtips
Using the groom during a routine maintenance schedule makes occasional deep cleaning more effective. Before vacuuming or shampooing, the groom lifts the pile and loosens any ground in soil making it easier to remove. After deep cleaning, it aerates the carpeting allowing it to dry quickly. When used between cleanings, it lifts any matted areas and prevents pathways from developing in high traffic areas.

A groom is useful for agitating carpeting to distribute pre-sprays and pre-conditioners evenly across the surface. It is also a good tool for applying vacuum enhancers, which coat the fibers and prevent soil from adhering to them. Some cleaners will use it to agitate the fabric after encapsulating agents are applied. This topical treatment causes soil to clump together for easy removal and using a groom increases its effectiveness.

Most floor coverings will attract allergens and trap them, which keeps them from circulating through the room and decreasing indoor air quality. Groomed carpeting will hold more allergens. This improves air quality and is helpful for occupants suffering from asthma, allergies and other upper respiratory ailments.

Most types of carpet will benefit from using a groomer but Berber is one kind that should not be groomed to avoid damage. Consumers can purchase an affordable groom at any store that carries cleaning equipment and supplies. Carpet grooming is a simple task that can improve the looks of any floor covering and extend its life by years.

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