Best Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

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Worried that your oriental area rugs are ruining your hardwood floors? Call Gatesway Cleaning & Restoration and our certified restoration technicians will assess the damage, rejuvenate your floors, and recommend the best non slip rug pad for your floor needs.
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Best Rug Pad for Wood Floors

The right type of pad underneath your area rug provides many benefits from keeping your beautiful oriental rug or other type of area rug from slipping on the floor or buckling, to acting as a “shock absorber” for foot traffic to lessen the wear on the rug’s fibers. These are the best pads for your rugs (and for your floors too).

  • Rubber Anchor Pad – This is also known as a gripper pad or a non slip pad and is typically 3/32 inch thick. It’s best for area rugs on smooth, hard floors like: Linoleum, Tile, Pergo, and some Hardwood.
  • Durahold Pad – (rugs on uneven and some smooth hard floors): Mexican and Ceramic Tile, Concrete, Brick, Marble, and all Hardwood.* This also works rather well over installed sisal and seagrass flooring. Has a 10 year performance warranty by manufacturer. [Thickness of pad = 1/4 inch.]
  • No-Muv Pad – (larger rugs on soft floors): All carpeting. Has a 10 year performance warranty by manufacturer. [Thickness of pad is 3/8 inch.] Rugs are meant to be placed on HARD surfaces, so pads are important to prevent damage to rugs from heavy furniture poking through them.
  • Sticky Pad – (small rugs on soft floors with NO furniture): All carpeting. These pads are sold in most home improvement stores. It is sticky on both sides and “holds” the rug flat on the carpeting. It does not protect from wear, but it does keep you from tripping on the rug. It also provides a barrier in case you worry your rug will discolor the carpeting underneath.

Still unsure which area rug pad is best for your hard floor surface? Give Gatesway Cleaning & Restoration a call and we can help you determine what your heirloom rug needs.
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*The National Hardwood Association recommends Durahold Pad as the best pad to allow wood floors to “breathe” and keep a more consistent color tone in all areas.

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