Cleaning of Extremely Delicate Upholstery Fabrics

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Upholstery fabrics are usually looked upon as “delicate” in comparison with carpeting. In the field of upholstery cleaning however, there are some fabrics that are considered extremely delicate even for upholstery use ! ( this means easily damaged by cleaning or consumer usage. )

Examples of very delicate upholstery constructions are : Chenille, Boucle, and Crewel.
Chenille can be recognized as a fabric woven with yarns that resemble ” hairy caterpillars ” or ” pipe cleaners “.

Boucle fabrics have the appearance of loosely or knitted yarns with irregular loops covering the entire surface of the fabric.

Crewel fabrics have a tightly woven base with loosely twisted yarns ( often wool ) embroidered into the surface. These yarns are easily damaged by abrasion, and may not be colorfast.professional-cleaning1511

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