Guide to Spot Removal

Carpet Spot Cleaning

Having a clean, beautiful home is a good feeling. Your brand new carpet is the icing on the cake because it's comfortable and clean. Then one day, you notice a spot in the middle of the living room. There’s no way you can live with that eyesore. What do you do? Here are a few tips for spot removal. Don’t forget that a spot can be a stain that needs professional attention.


Do your best to identify the spot. Some spots are simple, while others are pretty tough. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to identify the substance in the carpet. Yet, a little sleuthing on your part can get you close. Where is the spot? Is it near the dining room or where those in the family might eat? Odds are, it's food-related, and you might find success with a spotting solution for sticky residues. Is it in the bedroom? It could be cosmetic, shoe polish, or other substances common to getting ready for the day, and you might find success with a dry solvent spotter.

Apply Spot Removal Product

When you have figured out as best the type of spot you have, choose a reputable product for that particular spot. Some of the best spotting solutions come from your local cleaning company.


The next step is removal. Start by carefully blotting the spot. Do not scrub. You will damage the tips of the fibers that you can't fix. Keep applying and blotting until gone.

Remember, if you use spot remover, there is a chance of removing the original fabric color and causing other damage. Take your time and do it right. Pre-testing fiber and solution compatibility are always recommended.

When in doubt, do the next best thing and call your local cleaning professional to help you with spot removal!

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