Three Tips For a Cleaner House

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Everyone wants a cleaner house. But, it’s a never-ending chore, tasks to be done every day, every week, every month, every year.

It takes so much effort keeping your house nice, clean, and healthy for your family.

Keeping your home clean is much easier if you have an easy-to-keep schedule that includes more preventative maintenance. If you think ahead and plan your cleaning tasks appropriately, you will find you aren’t stuck an entire weekend playing catch-up with house cleaning chores.

Here are a few tips to keep your home clean. 

#1: Keep the dirt outside

Be sure to have quality walk-off mats outside entry doors. A small but polite sign that asks visitors to remove their shoes is a huge step toward keeping dirt and grime outside (or at least at the front door).

#2: Stop the stacking

In the kitchen, that is. It’s easy to let dishes and other mealtime items pile up, with dirty dishes slowly taking over the kitchen sink and nearby countertops. Instead, make it a habit to wash, clean, and put away everything after meals and snacks. If you use it, you clean it.

#3: A Cleaner House is a Team Effort

It can be challenging to keep the house clean, especially when everyone is trying to get to work and school. However, if the entire family pitches in, it would save a lot of time. Having everyone spend just a few minutes cleaning up after themselves first thing in the morning will ensure the house is much cleaner for the day. In addition, plan a short amount of time each week when the family works together to “speed clean” the home. Everyone can help by putting away misplaced items, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and more. Teamwork leaves the house cleaner with more time for things you love.

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