Types of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services

There are several types of carpet cleaning used inside a home or business. Each has merits as well as potential problems. Overall, the best way to remove dirt and stains from carpets divides the industry. Choosing a professional company to complete the task may be the most practical decision.

Regardless of the method used, the technician may begin by using a pile brush attached to a machine. This brush removes soil and lifts the fibers. A high-powered vacuum helps to remove loose materials from the fibers. Finally, professional cleaners use steam, foam, wet shampooing, or a dry absorbent to clean carpet fibers.

Steam Cleaning

Canada developed the steam cleaning method. However, it can damage materials from the high temperatures used while others may shrink. The company sprays water heated to 150 degrees along with a detergent. The sprayer forces the water into the pile. Almost immediately, the powerful wet-dry vacuum removes the solution.

Foam Absorption

Foam absorption uses a machine to produce foam. You may apply the foam manually or using a machine. It is worked into the pile to loosen dirt before being removed using sponges and vacuuming. It is less likely to cause shrinkage as carpets are not soaked.

Wet Shampooing

Wet shampooing is the traditional method of removing dirt. Rotary Scrubbers apply detergent solutions. Then, vacuums remove the dirty water. Critics claim the loosened dirt dives deeper into the pile and works its way back to the top later.

Dry Absorbent

The dry absorbent binds dirt from the fibers. It is applied to the surface and worked into the pile. Vacuums remove both dirt and absorbent power from the rug.

Clean your Carpet regularly

Regular carpet cleaning can improve the life of the floor covering, regardless of the types of carpet cleaning you choose. Regular removal of dirt helps to prevent damage to fibers by its abrasive action. The process can make carpets look new again.

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