How To Clean Up A Spill

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Blotting and applying are the basics of of any carpet cleanup. Start by blotting up the spills using white absorbant materials like terry cloth or paper towels.

Work from the outer edge to the center. Keep turning or replacing the towelso a fresh surface is always being applied to the carpet. Gently scrape up solids with the edge of a spoon.

Keep your eye on your towel as you work. As long as you are getting the color of the spill on the towel you are making progress. Keep blottong until you are not getting any more transfer to your towel.

Do not rub!

Rubbing can fuzz or distort fibers,as well as spread the stain.

Identify the Stain

Different stains require different cleaning procedures. Always pre-test in an inconspicuous spot any cleaning solution you are going to use. Without over-wetting, apply a retail spotting agent

Stay Away From

Never use all-purpose spray cleaners,bleach, or alkaline detergants- you can damage your carpets!

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