Man’s Best Freind

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7545183_origDid you know that man’s best friend can actually become your worst nightmare ?

That’s right .  He’s cuddly, cute and you love him,  but sometimes he has a problem with” accidents ”  and pretty soon ,  you start to notice the …

ummm….   odiferous situation .


Besides the obvious occasional accident from Fido,  his hair can als0 be an issue.  Once he shakes a bit off,  it goes into the carpet and furniture and sticks to it all and it can be quit a problem.

Then you have the issue of “I want in.  I want out.  I want in ”  You know it…. Fido is always on the move and the constant going outside and then back inside brings in all kinds of dirt .

What can you do about all this ?

1.  Clean messes up quickly.  Once you discover an ” accident ” ,  it’s important to grab a few paper towels and blot up the mess before it sinks down into the padding of the carpet .  A good enzyme deodorizer like you might get from the vet helps with lingering odors,  but of course it’s best to have a professional carpet cleaner come over to handle the problem .


2.  A hairy situation can be tamed by brushing your dog often.  Loose hair that’s about to go into the carpet and furniture can be easily pulled from Fido with a good grooming brush.  And guess what ?  He probably likes the attention .


3.  While you may not have the time to wipe off Fido’s muddy paws each time he wants back inside,  it is a good idea to place mats inside and outside the door.  When Fido want’s back inside,  let him beg a little bit on the outside mat because some off the dirt is definitely going to come off.


Do all of this and man’s best friend is going to be a dream to live with,  not a nightmare .



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