Cleaning Tips

Gatesway's Cleaning Tips help you learn the tips and tricks that have served us well over the years. With over 36 years providing cleaning services to the Warren County area, we learned ways to clean even the most stubborn messes.

Rug After Cleaning

Helpful Rug Care Tips

Follow these tips on taking care of your area and oriental rugs to keep them clean and help them last longer. Taking care of your rugs will ensure they last for years and avoid damage.
Gatesway Certified Cleaning Services

How to Avoid Carpet Cleaning Scams

Every day there is another post or mention on Facebook or Twitter about someone being disappointed or scammed by a cleaning claim. A knowledgeable consumer is a smart consumer.
Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

How to Store a Rug

The biggest dangers for rugs placed in storage are bugs, floods, and thugs. Regardless of where you store it, insects, water damage, and theft are the most common problems we hear from clients. Learning how to store a rug is important to preventing damage.

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